Tips and Strategies for Evaluating a School

DateJuly 14, 2015

Whether you're looking for a preschool for your three-year-old or a college that will fit all of your needs as an adult student, it's important that you carefully consider all of the available criteria. It helps to start with a general idea of what you're looking for. Then, you can carefully evaluate each school you visit based on your unique desires. Class SizeThe smaller the class size, the more attention there will be for each individual student. At a preschool level, class sizes should be very small to allow the teacher to provide adequate care for each student. As students get older, however, it becomes more common to have large, ov


School Evaluation Tips For Parents

DateJuly 07, 2015

If you're a caring parent, then you know how important a strong education is for your child. Not many things can be more valuable than a solid educational background for a child, which is precisely why parents need to be extremely careful in evaluating all educational options. Never enroll your child in any school without first assessing its qualities.If you're enrolling your child in a high school, carefully assess the percentage of students who have graduated from it successfully. Learn about which colleges and universities they attended after graduation. If you're enrolling your child in a college or a university, find out about what types


Evaluating A New School

DateJune 30, 2015

As a parent, we want the best for our child. Schooling takes up most of your offspring life. It makes sense, that you would want the best school for your child since he/she is there a significant time. At the tender age of five your son or daughter starts kindergarten. A close evaluation of the schools available will help in choosing the right one for your family.Keys to consider in choosing the right school for your little one are as follows but not limited to: ReputationThe reputation of your child’s new school should be sought out by asking friends, neighbors, and even community leaders. Ask questions about how well they carry out t


Tips and Strategies on How to Evaluate a School 20th Week 2015

DateMay 17, 2015

As a parent, your two most important responsibilities are protecting your children and preparing them for a future that is unpredictable. The best way to remove some of that unpredictability is to secure for them the best possible education given personal constraints (money, location, etc.).With the current school year coming to and end and the new one only three months away, now is a good time to take a realistic look at your schooling options. Long before the advent of private and charter schools, the process of selecting a school required nothing more effort than walking down to the local educational facility and signing your child or chil


Tips and Strategies on How to Evaluate a School 19th Week 2015

DateMay 09, 2015

Use the Internet to Learn about Schools for Children, Teenagers and AdultsAnyone planning on attending a new school needs to understand how to evaluate the facility. It doesn’t matter whether it is a preschool, high school or university, perspective students must understand several factors before paying their tuition. The first source of information to learn about anything is the Internet where an educational institution will have its own website. Depending on the size of the school’s student population, the website might have one page or hundreds. Do not begin by looking at hundreds of pages to learn about a school, but look at basic inf


Tips and Strategies on How to Evaluate a School 18nd Week 2015

DateMay 02, 2015

When choosing a school to attend, the campus environment should be evaluated for safety and for amenities such as convenient parking lots and paved walkways. The exterior appearance of a school will reflect the intentions of the school administrators to spend funds for trees, shrubs, flowers and lights. If there are funds for enhancing the appearance of the campus, then there should also be a sufficient amount of funds for innovative programs. The tuition may be moderately priced or could be comparable to the tuition for the most expensive schools.TuitionThe costs for tuition and fees should be evaluated as investments for future opportuni


Tips and Strategies on How to Evaluate a School 17th Week 2015

DateApril 25, 2015

Your choice of school is essential to your overall educational experience. Whether you are choosing a school for yourself or for a loved one, here are some of the criteria that you can use to separate the wheat from the chaff.- Location, Location, LocationYou need to be able to get to your school on time, every day. This is why many online schools are outpacing brick and mortal facilities when it comes to community college and graduate school options - you can literally take your school with you anywhere you go. Grammar school and preschool options are also becoming viable for kids as well - it may be a little different for the parents, but t


Tips and Strategies on How to Evaluate a School 15th Week 2015

DateApril 10, 2015

Evaluating a preschool before enrolling is important, whether your child is just starting out, changing schools close to home, or relocating entirely. You should think about finding your child’s preschool the same way you think about finding a new job. The more information you can get about the school, the easier your decision will be.
First, do your homework. Researching preschools in your area is the first step to finding the perfect school for your child. Ask other local parents, pick up local parenting magazines, and ask for referrals from other families. Most people won’t recommend a school unless they’re pleased with it and how t


Guidelines for Choosing the Right SChool

DateApril 03, 2015

It’s that time of year again; back to school. This can be a time bright with promise but can also be tainted by anxiety. Choosing a school is a big responsibility that can affect you and your family for years to come. How do you choose the right one? Here are some guidelines to help point you in the right direction.
1. Preschool
-With toddlers security is everything. Before you set foot in the door make sure that the facilities’ licenses are in order and up to date.
-The number of children per teacher should never be above 10:1. Teachers should not be stretched so thin that they can’t have one on one time with your child. These are f


How to Choose the Right School

DateMarch 26, 2015

School selection is very important for every child’s success. Looking at a school’s published statistics is an important first step. Basic statistics, such as average GPA, graduation rate and overall academic performance compared to other schools are often available online. Schools may publish their own statistics, but it is always better to use a third party site or database that is impartial. You can quickly eliminate very low-performing schools by checking these statistics.
Once the very low-performing schools are eliminated, the more difficult and personal process of evaluating the school begins. Statistics are only a small part of t