Hidden Costs of College

DateMarch 24, 2015

The cost of College - Guide for Understanding the Cost

There are many hidden costs of college that most Americans miss when it comes to calculating the true cost of attendance. Most families look at the standard attendance costs provided by the colleges. These do not include our list of top hidden costs.  

First we stated the process by using the Total Cost of Attendance data provided by  This gave us a basis for the typical costs that are provided by Universities.  We then talked to a few dozens of parents and college students.  

Top Four Hidden Costs of College

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Tips and Strategies on How to Evaluate a School 12th Week 2015

DateMarch 18, 2015

Evaluating the staff of a school your child might want to attend goes much farther than reading their background. The staff biography that you find on a website is only the first step in your research, and you can use some simple tips to be assured that your child is going to the right school.

#1: Similar Interests

A child who is going to high school or college should get an idea of the people the are going to be working with. High school and college is a collaborative effort between the teachers and the students. Your child needs to know that they are going to a school where the staff has similar interests to their own. A staff that i


Spending for Private Education

DateMarch 07, 2015

Decades ago, there may be have been little to no difference between a private school education and a public school education. Today, however, bureaucratic red tape, limited funding and increased focus on mandated testing has caused dramatic changes in public schooling.

Because most private schools are exempt from these demands, students who attend them are able to focus more on their educations and less on outside distractions. This has made private schooling all the more desirable for many parents. However, private schools come at a steep cost, averaging at 10,000 dollars per year at the elementary level to 15,000 dollars per year for high


Tips and Strategies on How to Evaluate a School

DateMarch 05, 2015


Tips and Strategies on How to Evaluate a School

Choosing an ideal school for your child is very critical since he or she will be spending most of the time in it. A school is a place where children are best molded since that is where they interact with different people of diverse ages, races, cultures and religion. Children should be enrolled in schools that bring the best out of them. The following are some of the basic considerations to make when looking for an ideal school, may it be a kindergarten, grammar school, middle school, college, community college, undergraduate school or post graduate school. One should be extra careful when se